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Social network is striving unprecedentedly in our life. We are here to help influencers and provide more tools to benefit both influencer and followers.

For influencer, please fill out the form if you are interested in partnership with us. We will help you benefit from your traffic and grow your channel without losing control of you content.


  • Who we are:

    We were selling YouTube Premium on major platforms (eBay etc.) since 2018, and we are unfairly treated by the platform that the customers cannot send their email information.

  • Why we moved:

    Instead of being bullied by eBay, Amazon, and major platforms. We created our own site to better serve our customers, and expanded the product selection we offer.

  • Why us:

    Buying from random sellers that disappear after months is annoying. Buy from a registered business has you covered. We located in 175 Commerce Valley Dr W, Toronto, ON L3T 7P6 and aims to serve across the world.